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Heterospheroid of human pancreatic cells and fibroblasts in fibroblastic matrix
(Transmission light phase contrast live imaging)

Ectica Technologies 3DProSeed StromaLine : Pre-developed ex-vivo tumor stromal models for tumor-stroma interaction studies, screening-compatible in animal-free and synthetic hydrogels, Shipped worldwide.

Hydrogel product

Synthetic hydrogels for cancer research & beyond

Ectica Technologies AG is a Swiss life science company dedicated to advancing technologies for research and drug discovery tailored for pre-clinical contract research organizations (CROs) and biopharma companies. Our core competence lies in developing sophisticated in vitro and ex vivo stromal models that address intricate challenges in oncology, fibrosis, and tissue regeneration. We extend our expertise to contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs) seeking tailored hydrogel formulations.

As a spin-off company of ETH Zurich and the University (Hospital) Zurich, we bring academic excellence to the forefront of industry advancement.


3DProSeed® StromaLine 

Our focus on the tumor-stroma interactions and stromal biology

Tumor development and the effectiveness of anticancer treatments heavily rely on interactions within the tumor microenvironment, involving various cell types like fibroblastic and stromal cells, endothelial cells, and immune cells. Unfortunately, many existing cullular assays overlook the significance of these tumor-stroma interactions.

We offer an ideal partnership for pre-clinical Contract Research Organizations (CROs) and biopharmaceutical companies seeking to enhance their phenotypic cell-based assays to consider stromal biology and tumor-stroma interactions.

With our patented 3DProSeed® synthetic hydrogel platform, we facilitate the automated creation of artificial models replicating the stromal microenvironment, compatible with high-content screening. This allows for straightforward anti-cancer or anti-fibrotic drug screenings in the presence of the stromal compartment, requiring minimal adaptation efforts.

Drug discovery research program

Development and Manufacturing Services of Hydrogels

Ectica Technologies specializes in developing, manufacturing, and characterizing hydrogel formulations, coatings, and tools, backed by intellectual property.

The main topics are bioconjugation reactions of biocompatible polymers such as activated poly(ethylene glycols), hydrogel surface coatings and surface patterning, soft polymeric particles and more.

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Ectica Technologies AG

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