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3D Pro Seed Hydrogel Well Plate

Pre-assembled synthetic, animal-free hydrogels in a microtiter plate for ready-to-use and automation-compatible  cell-based assays in 3D. The patented 3DProSeed®  hydrogel surface enhances the penetration of cells in 3D. Simply seed cells on the hydrogel to establish a 3D cell culture.

3DProSeed ® Hydrogel Well Plate

The Hydrogel Plate for 3D Cell Culture

Our 3DProSeed® microtiter plate combines the advantages of hydrogel-based 3D cell cultures with the simplicity and workflow integration of standard polystyrene cultureware.


Our plate contains pre-assembled synthetic, animal-free hydrogels, delivered to you hydrated, ready for cell seeding.


The hydrogels are synthetic and animal-free made of state-of-art poly(ethlyene glycol)-based bioconjugates. This hydrogel material offers the highest level of control over the culture conditions and excellent optical transparency for high quality microscopy.

The key innovation is the 3DProSeed hydrogel surface featuring an in-depth density gradient which enables penetration of seeded cells into the 3D bulk.

Our special surface makes it possible to sequentially seed various cell populations in the same gel to establish complex 3D co-cultures.

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The hydrogels in the plate are precasted and hydrated - ready for cell seeding

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poly(ethlyene glycol)-based

For the highest control over the culture conditions and highest versatility in biofunctionalization

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Sequential seeding

of various cell populations at different time points of your assay for complex co-cultures

No hydrogel assembly step

1. The Hydrogel well plate


Standard ANSI footprint 96-well black imaging plate with 180 microns glass bottom.

Plate sealed with a polyproylene adhesive foil and covered with its standard polystyrene lid. A special inner-well geometry facilitates manual pipetting.

Contact us to request the technical drawing of the plate.

2. The Hydrogel

Pre-assembled synthetic hydrogels pre-casted at the bottom of each well. Hydrogels delivered hydrated in a storage buffer ready for cell seeding.

Synthetic, animal-free hydrogels made of poly(ethylene glycol) bio-conjugates.

Basic formulation contains cell adhesion sites and protease-sensitive degradation sites. Advanced formulations are available depending on the application of interest.

3. Patented hydrogel in-depth density gradient

The hydrogel gradually disappears in the proximity of the upper surface becoming water.

This special surface enhances penetration of cells seeded on the hydrogel surface into the 3D bulk. Our technology enables repeated seeding of various cell populations for the development of advanced co-culture models in the 3D hydrogel.



Oncology and Immuno-oncology

Oncology and Immuno-oncology with a focus on tumor-stroma interactions

READ OUR NEW 3DProSeed StromaLine page for pre-developed tumor stroma models with cancer associated fibroblasts and more.


Tumor cells cultured in a pre-established stromal microenvironment made of fibroblasts, mesenchymal stromal cells, adipocytes or endothelial cells.

Sequential addition of immune cells to complex tumor cultures for killing assays and IO studies.




Culture of human astrocytes, human neuronal progenitors and iPSCs-derived neurons. Neuronal differentiation protocols in the 3DProSeed hydrogel plate..


Co-cultures of iPSC-neurons with astrocytes and microglia via sequential seeding.

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