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Ectica Technologies is a proud exhibiting sponsor of the XX NIBIT Meeting

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Italian Network for Cancer Biotherapy and Immunotherapy

Ectica Technologies will sponsor and exhibit at the XX NIBIT Meeting taking place in Padova (Italy) on October 13-15 2022. The NIBIT (Italian network for cancer biotherapy and immunotherapy) was established in 2004, to respond to the need to create a cooperative network that would collect and coordinate the activities of several Italian groups involved in biotherapy and immunotherapy of cancer.

The objectives of the NIBIT are the promotion and development of scientific, professional and operational interactions between academy, industry and regulatory agencies active in cancer biotherapy, the development of clinical biotherapy studies on tumors. Last but not least, NIBIT has the objective to inform cancer patients about ongoing clinical trials in the network.

Translating knowledge into the clinic

The XX NIBIT Meeting is entitled “Translating knowledge into the clinic” and is focused on new discoveries in cancer immunology and immunotherapy. In particular, the meeting will cover Advances in Personalized Medicine; Integrating -omics in the practice of diagnostic pathology, Cancer dormancy, Metabolism and Metastasis, The tumor miroenvironment, adoptive T-cell based immunotherapy and Translating basic science into the clinic. Most of the sessions will be joint with other important Italian Associations (AIOM, ACC, SIAPEC, SIC, SIICA) in order to develop a synergistic scientific and educational networks. Click here for the full program.

XX NIBIT Annual Meeting

Development and characterization of an ex vivo model of the human bone marrow vascular niche

Ectica Technologies is keen to attend the meeting with an exhibition stand and scientific poster entitled "Development and characterization of an ex vivo model of the human bone marrow vascular niche" in which we present our latest effort to develop ex vivo models of the human bone marrow stroma. Bone marrow stromal cells, including mesenchymal (MSC) and endothelial (EC) cells, are essential players in tissue maintenance and regeneration. These cells, collectively known as the bone marrow vascular niche, are of great interest for the study and therapeutic applications of hematopoiesis and bone development and regeneration. Consequently, there is a need for the development of appropriate ex vivo models that recapitulate in vivo aspects of this cellular microenvironment and can be readily used for functional assays including for example hematopoietic stem cells. We describe the establishment of a 3D model system of a human bone marrow vascular niche on synthetic hydrogels, using primary human bone marrow MSCs and a bone marrow-derived EC line. In this system, the MSC culture develops into a 3D network that can subsequently support the growth of ECs into chord-like structures, mimicking the bone marrow vasculature.

About Ectica Technologies and 3DProSeed hydrogel plate

The 3DProSeed hydrogel plate developed by Ectica Technologies offers the highest workflow integration in screening processes. No hydrogel assembly step is necessary: the hydrogels are pre-casted in the plate and delivered hydrated and ready for cell seeding. Thanks to the patented hydrogel surface, no cell encapsulation procedures are required. Additionally, the hydrogels, made of poly(ethylene glycol)-based bioconjugates, are fully synthetic and animal free and offer the highest control over the culture conditions, as well as the possibility to upgrade to GMP for cell therapy applications. Finally, various cell populations can be sequentially seeded at different time points to generate complex co-cultures. In this way, stromal environments can be created under controlled conditions, to which cancer cells can be subsequently added.


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